Pricing & GST

Our Pricing

To give you the transparency about our pricing system we have mentioned every single detail you should know:

Price will be calculated on the basis of no. of pages for Visa & Immigration related documents.

Prices are vary depending on the language pair.

Our starting price for Indian language is 700 per page & 1100 per page for foreign languages

If you need translation within 24 hours of placing an order, you will be charged INR 289 (For Indian language) and INR 389 (For Foreign languages) additional for every page.

We consider our standard page with a word limit up to 275 words, and if a page contains more than that, it may be charged extra.

If you have any query related to price, time of delivery etc. you can contact us on WhatsApp or email us at skdocumenttranslations@gmail.com /info@sktranslationservices.com

Please Note:

These are per page rate for documents like School Certificates, Transcripts, Legal Agreement, Property Papers, Contracts, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Licences etc.

Any document which is not normal and has so much content or running matter, the rate might be different, as the above rates are standard rates for normal pages.


  • 18% of GST will be added to your selection.

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